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Sporting Dog Journal

Sporting Dog Journal

Recently during a phone conversation with Br*****y Jack , I expressed my idea on writing this article , he expressed i should go for it , so here we are.
Some will agree with the contents , some will not , so goes the dog game.
I would imagine that more articles or conversations on gameness has transpired over the years , than grains of sand at the beach. We’ve all heard that one mans wealth is another mans junk , so it is with the dog men , one mans cur is another mans gamedog.

Once after a match i had a little dog that went over the two hour mark into a champion , on his turf.
My dog lost , took the count. We lost him during the night . But immediately after the show some upcoming dogmen , who lost a tidy sum on their wagers , came over to our vehicle and offered the use of a handgun so we could dispose of our cur.. A dog just moments earlier was worth his weight in gold. He had done all he possibly could , making numerous scratches , the outcome questionable all the way , up to the last.. Now comes the fun part!

Would you rather breed to a dog that lost well over two hours even if he did take the count or would you rather breed to a champion that has won 3 , 4 , or ten times , matches in which he ran right through his competition in 10 , 20 , 30 minutes and was never in any trouble?
It’s something to give serious thought to. There are certainly other factors to consider: the reputation of the family , the ratio of good calibre dogs that came out of the bloodline and the main item , consistency!

To me , the dog to breed to would be pretty clear . But most will breed to winners as no one likes to be associated with losers , quitters etc.. But the plain truth is that these dogs are in every pedigree under the sun. To the people that owned them , they were good dogs , to someone else , who never saw the dog in question perform , may very well have an entirely different opinion. And this is partly what keep the wheels of competition turning.

I’ve personally seen some of the greatest men to ever step into the square , and they all agree , that on a given day , under the right circumstances , that ANY and ALL will hang it up. Remember , we are talking about flesh and bone not a pre-programmed machine. I would suggest that healthcare be one of the foremost ingredients in making a dog come as game as possible. Bulldogs have a mind and respond to psycological treatment , whether it is positive or negative. I will take the dog i mentioned earlier , the one that lost to the champion in two hours , and whip the champion that only went the short haul and quite easily if the positive is on my side and the negative enviroment in the champions corner. The man behind the dog can make all the difference in the world on whether a dog shows well or poorlt , game or not , etc.. I’ve seen some real impressive dog care , finest food , health care conditions , mental attitudes , just an overall of nothing but a class act affair. A good family of dogs raised in this enviroment , will most often show consistently well.

On the other hand , I’ve seen some yards, and dogmen , that really give the game it’s negative aspects. On these yards the feed is anything and everything , most often the cheapest available , when they do decide to feed their dogs. Little or no healthcare , abusing the dogs in any nunber of ways , rolling them when they are drunk or before they have time to heal from the last encounter. I’m sure you know the type. The odds are stacked against these people from showing a good dog with any consistency. When and if they ever show a good dog , it’s only because the dog was a real exception to perform under thisatmosphere. Consider what a fine dog he would have been under the tutoring of the dog man who employs a posotive aspect.

I’ve seen many excellent prospects ruined by pure ignorance. So many potentially great dogs never make it because they are in the wrong hands. ALWAYS give 100% in shaping one for a show , never rely on the fact that your dog has a big heart and never shown a bad sign. Exhaustion has made many game dogs give it up , a car can’t go without gas.

I personally don’t like the word cur , it’s too vague to describe the different degrees of gameness . At what point do you decide a dog is a cur?? 2Hrs , 3Hrs? , all day? , all night , after 6 opponents? I’ve seen dogs pack it in in 10 minutes and sometime later scratch on their last breath. It’s complicated , intriguing , a real mystery. I’ve seen them go on sheer heart and sometime later pack it in after 10 minutes.

The truth is they will all quit on any given day.

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