Slingshot`s GR CH Shotsie

This is about a little black dog of forty pounds named Shotsie. Shotsie is out of the famed Frisco
and Payne’s Lee Ling. She was always a people orientated dog and was not intimidated by anything.
She was slow to start and was only rolled 2 or 3 times in short fashion before she was matched for
number one. Her first opponent was Kent & Medley’s Pinky (SDJ -November 1994 pg. 30) a first
time out dog from Dwight P’s bloodline. Pinky started the affair by coming over and meeting
Shotsie in her comer to start things off. But it was Shotsie all the way, and at 26 minutes a turn is
called on Shotsie. I never seen it, but the ref called it and a handle was allowed and Shotsie was ready

for more as Shotsie flew across the square. Another handle at 27 and Pinky’s time to scratch and she
takes the count off her feet. Shotsie’s second time out (SDJ 1995 Match #355) she was the noted
under dog going into a highly regarded odds on favorite named Miss Brownie of Bert Sorrell’s
breeding from VietNam Kennels. The talk was Shotsie would not last 20 minutes with Miss Brownie
and plenty of bets were going that way. Well Shotsie lasted 21 minutes, cause that is when
RedMan picked up Miss Brownie. Now came time for the Championship and it was match number
three as Shotsie went into the well known two time winner, Razor. Razor was matched by Fred Bowling
for her first two and sold after that. Razor, a red brindle out of RedBoy Tramp bloodline and the
betting is 2 to 1 against Shotsie. The odds changed at 5 minutes after the dogs were released. An out of
hold count with Razor on the bottom a handle and Razor to go. at 25 minutes and she takes the count.
I think I will change her name to Underdog. Shotsie went on to win 2 more and become a Grand
Champion Later Big Al.

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