Searcy Jeff & Wallace`s King Cotton

39 & 39 POUNDS: 1940 & 1950

Searcy Jeff

Both Bob Wallace and Bob Hemphill proclaimed this dog the best they had ever seen, Jeff was a killing punisher that would nearly bite a dog’s head right off. Like most bone-crushing pit aces, Jeff*s deep gameness was questioned by dog men. (Since Jeff would render a dog helpless in a matter of minutes, his matches never went very long, and his gameness was thus never proved before the public.) However, after his teeth were ruined from fighting rocks. Jeff was purchased by Bob Wallace (a king’s ransom couldn’t have got him before that time). Since Wallace planned to base his entire strain of dogs on Jeff, he left it absolutely necessary to game-test him. He used three different dogs in turn on Jeff, and the dog took it all and begged for more!

Wallace’s King Cotton

King has already been discussed to some extent under the section on breeders, but he’s worth coming back to. Here was a dog that was the epitome of everything that is good about the American Pit Bull Terrier. It was my pleasure to have been acquainted with this particular animal and I would give a pretty penny to have one like him. He was a fine-looking dog, and, like so many other Pit Bulls, he had an ideal disposition and a real happy-go-lucky attitude. As a pit dog, he was renowned because of this nearly unbelievable ability. His contest against Corvinos Blackie “made” his reputation. Most pit dog men were not overly fond of the Blackie dog, as he was a “man-eater”, and it is part of the pit dog man’s credo that a mean dog is never dead game. Blackie was putting this idea to a severe test, however, as he had beaten four fine dogs in a row! At the match between Blackie and King Cotton, the pit was wired in to protect the spectators from Blackie, and the referee carried a club to protect the men in the pit – just in case! There, handlers with three leashes brought the muzzled animal into the pit. King dominated the fight from start to finish, and Blackie refused to scratch at the hour and thirty-one minute mark. Thus, King Cotton became an instant hero by beating a very unpopular dog that no one had seemed able to stop.

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