Real History of a Living Legend, Floyd Boudreaux

Floyd Boudreaux’ ace new dog “Blind Billy” wasnt alway’s blind, he would simply lose his sight when he got hot. In his second match he lost his sight when he became overheated. OJ Thibdeaux’ and his black & white dog were highly regaurded at 39 pounds. Floyd believed if Billy could get his mouth on him it wouldnt take long to detrmine a winner. Billy could bite as hard as any dog Floyd had ever seen, even harder than the best! He could disable one in a short order.
Just as Floyd figured Billy was able to get this Thibdeaux’ dog several times. the longer they fought the more Billy punished the black and white dog. Billys nose was was a mess with the black and white trying to hang on for dear life. Billy had the black and white dog quitting, but his vision was loss and his nose was such a mess clotting itself closed from time to time. Floyd made a handle and Billy was counted out searching for the other dog. Although it was clear the black and white dog wanted no more, Billy lost the contest.
Perhaps he could have won several more matches afterwards, who knows. Thanks to the gifted forsight of Floyd Boudreaux’, he bres Billy to a good gyp called Gypsy to produce Red, a full sister to ELIAS’PISTOL. Floyd bred to Red to produce Lena and then bred Billy to Lena to produce Scrub who was fifteen sixteenths inbred on the old blind dog Billy!
Lets back up a bit, S.P. Clavelle owned a spotted dog in them times that Gaboon Trahan used to breed his brood to. Gaboon used the dog one time and found him to just an average dog, but VERY GAME. Gaboon called him Rascal and had premission to breed to him anytime he wanted as he never owned the red and white spotted dog he calle Rascal.
Floyd Boudreaux’ bought Rascal from Clavelle and Floyd was the only manto ever register Rascal, he did this through the U.K.C. several years after Floyd had rascal on the yard. Floyd bred Rascal to Lena (Scrubs momma) to produce Rascal Jr. who was the sire of many good dogs, one of which was Jerome Hernandez “NI##ER”. NI##ER won five matches for Jerome and one of those wins was over Scrub. Scrub was matched at 40 pounds by Floyd and he lost to NI##ER in forty min. Don Mayfield liked Scrub and used him to go into JT Kitchens and a son of Tudors chamion Spike. Scrub won the contest sixty eight min..
Floyd Boudreaux’ had the gifted forsight agian and bred Scrub to some good bitches and i am glad that he did. Scrub sired some great dogs and some phenomenal producers! Scrub was bred to his half sisterCandy to produce the famous Eli dog. Floyd also bred scrub to a good daughter of Rascal Jr. to roduce the great BOZE dog. BOZE was the most inbred DIBO dog of his time and was a great repersentation of his genetic pool. No DIBO dog could stay with BOZE.
One day a few great dogmen were at Floyds house after a covention in Lafayette LA held by Gaboon Trahan. Among the group was Bob wallace, Leo Kinard, Maurice Carver, Roland Butte and JD Elliott. Floyd got out BOZE and Boze jr. (a brother to Bullysons dam) and rolled the father and son together for a short time. leo said the roll was better than the matches they had just witnessed. JD said it was a blur, both dogs made a mess of eachother in a short order. Just the look in Maurices face! Maurice was speechless, and his mouth fell open, jaw dropped and his eyes buldged out. Later Maurice said that he had never seen a sight like that in his life!

Floyd owned Blind Billy and Rascal at the same time. Gypsy was a good daughter of Billy and when she came in heat, Floyd bred her as a repeat breeding back to her sire Billy. Floyd also bred Gypsy to Rascal a week later as Billy was old and Floyd wanted pups out the aging Gypsy. Well Gypsy had pups and ray charles could see that the pups were from Billy. Raymond Elias got one of the males and he named Pistol. Pistol was a very good dog that was only used once. He was matched over his true weight and won impessively anyway. I dont know how Maurice was able to breed to Pistol, or if he even did at all, but ADBA pedigrees show Pistol as the grandsire of Art’s Missy, Davis grandchampion Boomerang and Clayton’s Java(dam to grandchampion Art).

By the way, Don Devine got a bitch from Clayton that Don named Patty and registered her off Eli jr. and out of Java. When don got the bitch, Clayton said she was a sister to grandchampion Art, but he didnt say she was a littermate! She was indeed of Eli jr., but her dam was one quater staffordshire. A bitch off Bolio bred to a half staff bitch! But I wouldnt mind if my dogs had Pattys dam in thier make up because Pattys dam was a bitch named Ginger. The same Ginger that was the dam to champion Tuffy and his brother champion Dolemite. Both top dogs in the game, imagine that, champion dolemites damwas quater staff, it must have been some good staff blood! So Patty was half sister to grandchamion Art, champions Tuffy and Dolemite.
Raymond Elias’ had several brothers, all of which had money and lived life to the fullest. They were a rowdy bunch and sometimes unruly. One storey is they couldnt agree on the dogs so they shot he Pistol dog and a bitch named Bealula. This way there was no more arguements about the dogs. The other storey that was told by Jerome Hernandez was half owner of Pistol and when he went to Raymonds to pick up Pistol to use him agian, raymond told him NO and Jerome
shot Pistol and said “nobody can have him now” Jerome did tell me that he indeed shoot the dog, so either way the Pistol died from a pistol.
Maurice used to tell people often that grandchampion Boomerang was a son of his Ironhead dog. He also said that Bullyson was off Ironhead, he did this once to the man that raised Bullyson in the same room as him. Just ask old Jerry Clemmons if i’m telling the facts or not. Anyways folks no matter what Maurices papers say, Ironhead was off Boudreax’ Blind Billy.
Perhaps now you will understand why Bullyson crossedso well with Raymond Longs two sisters Baby and Tuffy as well as Art’s Missy. also why Eli jr. roduced so well with the Java bitch, and why Ronnie Hydes Satchmo went so well with the Bloody Sunday bitch. Folks its what the Blind Billy dogs have been doing what its always done, BITING HARD AND WINNING!
While the world os searching for ELi dogs, the few who really understand are searching for BOZE dogs. It took a daughter of BOZE to create Bullyson.
When BOZE was eleven years old and wieghed eighteen pounds less than Bullyson, Floyd rolled the two together. Boze downed Bullyson and kept him on the bottem for ten minutes and had his way with him. when you consider how “good” Bullyson was and then consider how “great” BOZE was. ELI and ELI jr were great too, but none of them were in the same class as BOZE.
Floyd Boudreaux’ bred BOZE to Penny who was by Young Rock out of Peggy. Penny was ood bitch from an all good litter! BOZE and Penny produced Spook(Sissy). Spooks whole litter killed eachother exept for her and another bitch pup. Floyd gave the other bitch up to maurice Carver to get him going. another friend of Floyds was given Spook to Jerry Clemmons a chickenman. When she came into heat he brougth her back to Floyds and bred her to Eli and she had four pups. All four were good and another all good litter bred by Floyd Boudreaux’. Bullyson, Eli jr., Brendy and Lady, a litter of dogs that changed the game itself.
A litter that changed the future and how we were to breed our dogs. Gameness alone wasnt good enough anymore. Eli dogs could and would take you out.
This is the begining of later is known as the Eli lime of dogs.
Clemmons sold Spooky to Doug Nightrider. Doug was like a kid with a new toy. He rolled Spook everyday untill she finally stopped, but she was a good as anyother BOZE daughter. BOZE was bred to Brendy to produce Wilkerson’s Tina who was bred to Bullyson to produce champion Bullyson jr. and Benny Bob, the dog that dethroned his sire. BOZEs bitches produced very well . BOZE was a great dog, very fast, bit very hard and was really strong. Boze won his only one match in under five minutes! All totaled, BOZE stopped twentyseven dogs. All of the old timers tried to stop BOZE but they would go home disappointed, one after another.
Hell Roland Fontenot used to come by often and try, but he could never carry enough dogs to get the job done. BOZE would make short work of them.

Fred Williamson had a son of BOZE he also called PISTOL who was raised as a house dog and pet. Word was PISTOL was a cur and that Don Mayfield and George Gilman had a fortynine pounder that can prove it. Well after enough talk, Fred said “put up or shut up” and the match was made. Mayfield had Gilmans blessing and Mayfield shaped thier champion Gomer dog who was the winner of several high dollar contests and a littermate to another multi winner and champion 400. Both on wieght and at two hours and fortyfive minutes cleared the wall and jumed into the hands of Don’s wife Phylis, now who was the cur?
A paid advertizement was published in the magizine “Pit Dog Report” shortly after the contest that stated:
BOUDREAUX’ PISTOL was just an average BOUDREAUX’ bulldog. The ad wasn’t to peddle pups or for stud service, it was just simply a statement and it was true that PISTOL was just average of Floyds dogs.
Midnight Cowboy was a good champion and brother to champion Chivo who were son’s of Bullyson out Longs Baby. Midnight cowboy was bred to Linus who was heavy BOZE and they produced Doyle Riddick’s grandchampion Herman and from another all goos litter. Floyd sent doyle Liza to breed to Herman producing another good litter with one cold bitch. Maverick was in this litter and produced whole litters of quality dogs, ask anyone who owned one.
Eli did his share of producing as well. floyd bred him to a Corvino bred bitch named Glory B and produced Daniel’s champion TOM. TOM was the sire of Barfield’s champion Saloon who was the sire of Ken Allen’s champion Butch, Saloon also sired a bitch named Stripper who Ken bred together to get Ken & the
A-Team’s double grandchampion Tornado, a winner of ten matches. Of coarse eli was best known for producing Bullyson and Eli jr., but only for being bred more making them more popular.
NOW, Don Mayfield said that Floyd stole Eli from him by saying that all Cry Baby’s pups died. friends, all of her pups did die. Don and Floyd were good friends and Floyd values his friends, believe me. Would you think that cry Babys pups were valuable enough for Floyd to betray a good friend. Then turn around and give them away! Floyd GAVE Eli away to his friend Junior Bush because floyd knew he could make more like him or better. To Floyd a dog was just a dog, but a friend holds a priceless value. Don Mayfield was just jealous that Floyd created Eli from his Blind Billy blood. Eli was stolen from Junior Bush after his third match ( the match was raided). There is no telling how many good dogs Eli produced, ever wonder why Eli blood crosses so well with grandchampion Zebo blood? Who knows?
These writings are all facts and not fiction, do your homework as I have done mine. Just a small part of some real history!
Signed- Sef another believer in Boudreaux’ dogs

Hubbard’s Bounce
Tudor’s Dibo
Heinzl’s Bambi
Boudreaux’ Blind Billy
(Dibos brother) Arizona Pete
Tudor’s Minnie
(Dibos dam) Hienzl’s Bambi

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