Chen Lang, Princess, and the Dallas show by Pat Patrick

Patrick`s Tombstone

Patrick`s Tombstone

Before I start my most recent article for the American Gamedog Times, I wanted the readers to know that the EDITOR suggests a subject for me to write about every issue. The last couple of issues FAT BILL wanted me to tell the stories of some dogs that I have personally owned in the past. For this issue FAT BILL ask me to follow the careers of littermate aces Chen Lang and Champion Princess to one of the best conventions in history. I will be writing about three great dogs I had nothing to do with in this issue of the American Gamedog Times. I just thought I would start this article with this pretext so you readers would not think I only wrote about my own dogs.

I purchased Tater and Faith from Kieth Allen when he got out of the dog game in 1968. Faith was a dead game bitch and a very hard biting nose fighter. Faith’s sire was Allen’s Mugs, a game pit winner who’s pedigree that went back to Colby bloodlines. Her dam Clouse’s Connie was also a pit winner. Connie was ll/16th Clouse’s Stabber. I bred Faith to Bolio for a stud fee of two pups. There were eight puppies in this litter and all eight of them were game skillful fighters. I kept four of these pups, Chen Leng, Kid Blackie, Boogie and Pretty Girl. Kid Blackie was stolen from me, but I will never forget him. He was just as good as Chen Lang and Champion Princess, Chen Lang was one of the best match dogs that I have ever seen. He did not bite hard, but he was very fast, skillful and strong. He fought at a very fast pace and he never slowed down. I rolled Chen Lang with some good dogs and he handled them ease. I loaned him to Don Maloney to match for his first time, Don set things up and I met with him in Oklahoma. The fight never went down as his opponent was over by five pounds of the specified weight of 37 1bs. I asked Don if he wanted to see Chen Lang in action. He said he only had one dog he could roll on him and he outweighed Chen by six pounds, I decided to roll him on this dog as we could pick him up at any time if Chen Lang was getting hurt. Chen Lang was in top condition and in about ten minutes he had Don’s dog down so we stopped the roll so Don’s dog would not get hurt. Later that dog went on to win several matches for Don. Don told me Chen ‘Lang was one of the best pit dogs he had ever seen and said he would match him into any 37 Ib. dog alive.

My friend Roland Kincaid owned Champion Princess. When she was two years old he turned Princess over to Bernie A. to be conditioned and matched into L. Lewis at 39 Ibs., Princess was a fast, strong and hard biting head dog. She overwhelmed her opponent in less than 20 minutes. Roland loaned Princess to his friend Maf who lived in west Texas at the time. Maf matched her on a Dallas Convention, Don Maloney had Chen Lang matched on the same card. Roland drove from Los Angeles to Tucson and we went to Dallas together to watch our dogs fight. This convention took place almost twenty years ago so I might have made some mistakes on the details of these matches. Five dogs I would call Aces performed on this convention. These five dogs in no special order were Mayfield’s Snake, Holt’s Jeremiah, Fowler’s Bad Ronnie, Chen Lang and Kincaid’s Princess. I know the term ace is supposed to be used only describe a truly great dog. If these five dogs were not aces then I have never seen an ace. I only remember the fights these dogs were involved in. I will start with the dogs of lighter weight and work my way up.


I don’t remember who owned the dog Bad Ronnie fought into, I think it was a one time winner going into this match. Ronnie was bred by Lou Lewis, sired by Reno bred to Champion Catfish. I think he was owned by the very successful team of Stinson and Glover at this time. This was a 37 Ib. match and Ronnie’s opponent weighed in at the top weight. Ronnie was a substitute for the original dog and his best weight was 34 Ibs. so he gave up a few pounds. I have often heard that only a tall dog can be a really good head dog. I don’t believe this is true. Ronnie was a short and stocky, making his opponent much taller than him. Ronnie stayed on the head for thirty minutes and I don’t remember the other dog biting him once. After thirty minutes the fight was so one sided that it was dull. Ronnie was in complete control on the head. His opponent tried to get to Ronnie at all times, but Ronnie was one hell of a good short head dog. I left the pitside to buy a drink from the beer stand a few yards from the pit. When I got back a minute later Ronnie’s opponent was dead and the fight was over. Ronnie had moved off the ear and into the throat and killed his opponent. The Fowler’s purchased Ronnie and took him onto his Championship later on. He was BAD. The total time of this match was about 32 minutes, Robert Lemm the Millmaker did an excellent job handling Bad Ronnie.


BITCHES AT 42 POUNDSChen Lang vs. Cecil Washburn and I believe Cecil’s dog would have beaten most 37 pound dogs. He held his own with Chen Lang for about fifteen minutes. Chen Lang fought at usual pace of 90 miles an hour and no dog could keep up with him. The fight became one sided and Cecil picked up his fine game dog at about forty-five minutes. His dog was sired by Bullyson and out of Art’s Missy. Chen Lang was retired in his prime because he chewed the chain and knocked out all his hangers.

Kincaid’s Princess vs. the Fowler’s bitch, Princess was actually a smaller dog as she was up against a bigger dog in this fight. Maf had her strong, but a little heavy. This was a hard fought match between two strong fast bitches. They swapped it out for one hour and twenty minutes the Fowler’s had a good bitch, but not nearly good enough to beat Princess. Princess had the edge all the way. The bitches fought the head and front legs with Princess at her best on the head. The Fowler’s bitch took the count at one hour and twenty minutes and Princess made a rocket courtesy scratch. Princess went onto to win her Championship and put some really good dogs on the ground.


I don’t remember who Don matched into that day, but the dog had been matched before and lost to the four time winner Dolomite in nearly two hours. Any dog that could stay with Dolemite that long had to be pretty good. Mayfield’s Snake shot out of the corner and grabbed a stifle and slammed his opponent to the ground. Snake kept his opponent down and stayed in the stifle. After 12 minutes it was obvious Snake was going to keep this dog down and make a meal of his back leg. The dogs handler wisely gave up the fight to Mayfield at 12 minutes, snake won this fight with one bite. Snake did not have a scratch on him after the match, it was an amazing performance. I helped Lou Lewis buy Snake from Don Mayfield. He did not do well for Lou and I do not know why. I do not blame Mayfield for this and I don’t blame Lou either. These things happen. It was not the first time a dog performed well for one person and then poorly for another and it won’t be the last. Lou Lewis was a good dog man who had taken many dogs to their championship. Snake did not perform well for Lou, but Lou never mistreated Snake, I am sure of this. Don Mayfield did not offer me Snake for sale, I telephoned him and asked to buy Snake for Lou. It is not Don’s fault that Snake did not work out for us. If he had kept Snake perhaps he would have won many more fights. That day in Texas he was a hell of a dog!


Jeremiah vs. Shadow I think that was his opponent’s name, he was a one time winner and Jeremiah was also a one time winner. Shadow fought defensively against Jeremiah trying to hold him out of his chest. Jeremiah was a powerful hard driving chest and shoulder dog. He pushed for Shadow’s chest and holding him out was like trying to hold out a freight train. When he got deep in the chest he did plenty of damage. I think it was less than thirty minutes when Shadow’s handler gave up the match to Holt’s Jeremiah. I believe Jeremiah got the best in show trophy, but all five aces deserved a trophy. I have often wondered which dog would have won if Snake had fought Jeremiah Ih would have been world war three. I would say the odds of five dogs performing on the same day are about a thousand to one. I for one am glad I was there.

In my closing words for this installment AMERICAN GAMEDOG TIMES I would like to make a my story about Keno in the last issue. I made a negative remark about the dog food sold by Bob Fritz. Since then some of my friends have told me that they have used Bob’s food with excellent results. So I will retract my statement about Bob’s Dog food. My friends say that his product is worth the money. I have never used any of it on my dogs so I will take their word for this.

Pat Patrick

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