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I read everything I could find on the methods of cultivation and the ideas of the past. I am sure that many did the same. I think that most of razvedentsev agree that there is a deep game important qualities that you want to win. Some breeders say that the game has a unique quality which is required for breeding. They even said that a strong bite and the talent is not transmitted by inheritance, only the game. In fact, if the dog had other abilities, they did not include them in breeding. They saw them as separate qualities, in addition to the game. I have been engaged in, and I have my own opinion. I think that game the most important quality if you want your dog has won. But I believe that other qualities are also important and they are also transmitted by inheritance. Following the game I would put my energy, stamina, endurance, good breathing is not important how you call it, but it is the most important quality that the dog should have. Two dogs may be in perfect condition, but one of them will be able to work longer. If the dog does not have the game, she loses. If the dog suffocating, she loses. After the game, and I appreciate the ability of endurance in the following sequence of importance. This ability to hold hostage. This capability will allow the dog to keep the enemy from vnedosigaimosti. Good demolisher knows how to reach the goal and how to break down a defense. It can also change tactics. Strong bite always helps to win. However, I would put the bite after the game, endurance and total capacity. I do not believe that pitbul severely bitten out of fear. Many kusachi, such as Ch. “Marcel”, showed a good game when they could not win. Strong bite as well as the weak, has geymnym dogs. I noticed that the grave aggressive dogs showed a stronger bite and ability than they actually can do. The reason for this is that first they asked pace. They use all their strength and energy to bite and immediately after 20 or 30 minutes to slow down and lose. If you see a dog in a short time, they look very impressive. Geymnaya dog with the same ability will not show anything that can be completed within 20 minutes. It will spread like a force to Alex Arguello.

Breeding for a strong bite is a popular time-of-time. This theory says that if you bring two strong kusachey, then get a dog that will destroy their opponents. Game in this theory holds second place. Now it is more popular than even 20 years ago. Some razvedentsy trying to develop these abilities superdpgs. They are too big (strong) for simple geym dogs and win them for 20 minutes or even less, so they say. These breeders were almost always, quite frankly, new to the game and not too good understanding of dogs. They have not respected the dogs who need to win more than an hour. Any dog, which is required to win two, three, four hours, according to them is too harmless. However, if the dog wins the longest match, they say that this proves that their dog geym. These guys never have the videotape to prove their theory. In fact, no successful breeders, who would have had a lot of wins and put the bite in the framework of breeding. Yes, there is truth in this theory about dogs destroyer, that they do not want the game to win. But it never worked on a large scale, long period of time.I believe that all these qualities (the game, energy, stamina, bite), it will transmit its genetically puppies. The genetic structure of dog is a product of all the dogs in his pedigree. “TOMBSTONE was geym dog middle bites, but it is an ancestor of such dogs as Ch.Snubby,” “Ch.Reno,” “Gr.Ch. Hope,” and “Ch.Tonka. Why? His ancestor was Malonay’s” Toot , “while one of .Toot” was the son of Tudor’s “Spike” and Carver’s “Black Widow,” the two dogs had a devastating bite. Another son of “Toot,” – Maloney’s “Davis” (Greenwood’s), was geym dog middle bites. “Davis” gave “Ch. Our Gal Sunday” structure, and other dogs with a strong bite. A dog can have a very strong bite, but if none of his predecessors did not have such a bite, it is unlikely that his puppy is a strong bite. This also. respect and other positive qualities. Most geymnye dogs usually win, but certainly not always. There are many examples where less geymnaya dog wins. These dogs were not “deadgame” and do not even have a deep game. Geym dogs with small capacities usually win rough aggressive sobaku.No what would happen if geymny dog with little ability to meet almost geymnoy, but with a hell of abilities. I think you know what happens.

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