Headhunter`s CH Solution

I am not much on writing but this is more or less the story on Headhunter’s Champion Solution.
When I got Dracula who is the sire to Solution, I was kind of new to the dog game. Dracula was a 2 1/2-week-old
puppy when I got him, so of course I had to bottle raise him. As a result of having to constantly feed this pup he went
every where with me. He was a real smart dog never making too many mistakes. When Dracula’s father, Darth Vadar
got off the chain when Dracula was 12 months old the pup took quite a beating from his father, but kept going. The
next time Dracula and Darth Vadar tied up Dracula came out on top staying in Darth’s chest.
I never was real sure about Dracula because of the way he was bred. I put him on dogs that always outweighed him by
at least 10 to 15 pounds and he would always end it in about 15 or twenty minutes time.
Doc Waldrop an old timer in the dog game once brought a dog over to roll on Dracula, that was suppose to be rough,
game dog. Well in about 10 minutes into the roll Doc said he had seen enough and picked up his dog. He then offered
to buy Dracula from me but needless to say I turned down his offer.
After that roll with Doc I put several more dogs on him in rolls and he looked good on all of them. Some of them were
from the yards of R.Jones, Bert Sorrells, Grady Cummings and a few others I can’t think of right now. A good friend of
mine Bulldog Pete has a half brother to Dracula that is a Champion, but will not breed him because of the breeding, but
also refuses to roll him anymore either for he is game and has paid his dues.
Now for Yetzel’s TAZZY the dam to Champion Solution. I had her before Dracula. I had rolled her several times with
some good hard biting bitches, she showed well. After she got completely healed I two dogged her for about an hour
and a half and found her worthy of being bred.

The first time I matched Solution I went into Doc Waldrop at 47lbs. Doc was using a dog named Buddy, he was a hard
biting stifle dog, as he had Solution in trouble for the first ten minutes. Buddy was working Solution over good, but he
weathered the storm and started in on that nose, it was not long after that Buddy changed his fight plan and tried some
other tactics. Solution stayed on that button and did a lot of damage as a result making it hard for the other dog to
breath. At 1:10 Buddy takes the count and Solution makes a good courtesy scratch.
The second match was in Tennessee into the Bluegrass kennels at 46 lbs. All I heard was they bad a killer he killed one
in 17 minutes, but even with all this talk Solution and his breeder went to the hills to see what they had. Bluegrass
kennel was using a dog from Champion Bronco/Champion Jeep/Red Boy breeding that was in good shape and had
come to do battle. Things were pretty even until at the 1:45 minute mark their dog started to slow down as the head
fighting style of Solution was taking it’s toll. At 2:11 the other dog stood for the count as Solution claimed victory in one
tough battle. Solution gives an excellent courtesy scratch.
Solution’s Championship match was into a dog named Lester owned by Two Hawks Kennels. Lester is double-bred

PALADIN on top and tight CHIVO/COWBOY blood on the bottom. Lester comes out of the gate like a buzzsaw and
straight into Solution’s chest. Solution works his way to the top of the head and starts to work and gets Lester out of the
front end. Lester goes to the rear end, bet Solution is able to get him out the three times he gets to the stifle. At 45 a
turn is called on Lester. There is only one scratch each made as Two looks picks up a game Lester at 1:10 and my son
of Dracula and Tazzy wins his title and is now know as Champion Solution. Headhunter

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