Gameness and Breeding by Don Mayfield

Don Mayfield

Don Mayfield

A mans gameness is proven in his matches he has with himself, as to the lifestyle he lives in truth, its call his FAITH IN GOD, mans gameness in his faith. A dogs gameness is proven in the way of Nature and the Beast, that of kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, its the way of nature. A mans gameness and a animals gameness is just backwords from one another, just as to the way mankind has been bred, and the way animals has been bred, are backwords from one another. The linage of mankinds breeding has been bred in a way of people of FAITH breeding people of FAITH, createn outcross bred people who are all different from one another. Animals have been bred in a way of a lineage wher each breed is bred more pure and more pure, maken all animals of thir breed like a twin to all the other animals of thir breed. Nature breed animals not by thir faith, but in a way as the STRONGEST TO THE STRONGEST, in nature only the strong survive.

With mankind the nations of faith in GOD, become the strongest nations amoung all nations. Look at the nation of Russia, how they at one time were a Nation of Faith in God, then they became a nation of faith in the understanding of the Englishman Charles Darwin, who said we mankind were bred from animals. Now look at Russia as to how strong such a large nation has become from thir generations of little faith. Life for all nations, and wer one of us, is all bout FAITH and KARMA, as to the way our faith becomes proven. A mans faith becomes proven in the truth of thir day to day lifestyle CREATEN KARMA, GOODDEEDS as to one liven a life of doing GOODDEEDS is a area of life thats different then proven ones FAITH. A person proves thir faith when thir MATCHED INTO THIRSELF, a persons GAMENESS is thir FAITH they have, when ones PROVES THIR GAMENESS as to HOW GAME THEY ARE, it takes place when they are MATCHED INTO THIRSELFS. Such matches people have with themselfs are such as to LIE OR NOT TO LIE, to break Gods rules or not to break Gods rules, thir is how mankind proves thir gameness in faith, to create KARMA FOR THEMSELFS, as they match into themselfs proven thir GAMENESS AND FAITH to God for thir KARMA. We as American Gamedog Breeders seek for the truth in understanding the meaning of gameness in the dogs we breed. Many times have we seen gamebred dogs QUIT ON TOP when the other dog in the match is near dead. It makes me think about the match I has with Bobby Hall in the early 1970’s, Bobby was using his 2 or 3 time winner the hard bitten “BULLYSON JR,” I was usen a dog bred very pure from EARL TUDORS “DIBO” family, a dog whos name was “TOOT JR” when I bought him near two years old. After I took a look see at “TOOT JR” in the pit with a dog 10Lbs larger, I changed his mane to “TOMBSTONE” . BULLYSON JR quit on top and jump the pit, TOMBSTONE came to his feet and took off after BULLYSON JR. GAMENESS its the MAIN SUBJECT in the breed of breeding gamedogs. Its the gameness of nature that we breed our gamedogs for the laws of nature is KILL OR BE KILLED, EAT OR BE EATEN. In Jan of 1999 I got a letter from Spain, a man who’s name was Sergio wrote me asking would I write a short story for a magazine in Spain, about the American Gamedogs. Sergio said the ESPANA MAGAZINE was read by over a Million People ever mouth in Spain. In Spain BREEDING AND MATCHEN GAMEDOGS IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW. In the mid 1970’s Spain and a few nations in Europe started dealen with the American Gamedog Breeders for matchen dogs. In Feb of 1999 I wrote the Flowen story to Spain, Its a story about BREEDING AND AMERICAN GAMEDOGS.


Feb 4th 1999

Hello S.. and Spain,

Now thir may be some in Spain who reads this story I have wrote to Spain from Texas, and read this story as what some call TEXAS BULLSHIT, if so let me tell yall one more tall tell from Texas. In the New York area thir was a man a few years back who retired from his job, and started a garden. One day he caught a rat who was eaten his plants in this garden. This man caught the rat in a live trap, he call the Humane Society of Animal Welfare to come and take the rat away. After waiting over hours the rat started eaten out of the trap, the man took a stick and killed the rat. At this time the brotherhood of the Humain Society drove up. The brotherhood file charges on the man for the way he killed the rat with a stick. The man had to go to court for killing the rat. This same brotherhood is worldwide, they are the same people who are trying to put in animal laws in nations throughout the world. Thir two main wizzers live here in Texas on animal farms, with more wealth and richest then J.R. HUEING. Thir brotherhood dont carry card, thir throughout the world at this time. Thir people who live down the road from you, people who live next door to you, people who are your family, your brothers and sister, people who have more love for a rat then they do other people. Such people who will cage a person like a animal, for owning a American Bred Gamedog. Such people are in Spain, just as they are in Texas and all other nations throughout the world. Like Jack Nickelson said some can’t take the truth, but I as a Hick in Texas write yall in Spain and say to yall, what I have wrote yall is true. Its is also true thos two rich yankees in Texas who live on the large animal farms, are not the ones of power in the world today. The brotherhood in power today are the two men from Ark and Tenn, who has taken controll of millions and millions of acres of land for nature, and thir brotherhood for nature and wildlife. They are better known today throughout the world as Bill and Al, and they live in the White House at this time. At the next vote here in the U.S.A. the match will be between nature and wildlife, matched into animal farms in Texas who are woldsize known men, whos known as George and George Jr. They are the two yankee liven in Texas callen themselfs Texans, when records show them as true bred Yankee Mainers from the East U.S.A. the yankee mainers are such people who are bred more pure, then the hicks bred in Texas. Bill and Al are more hillbillys and mountain people, and thir records of genes show they are more outcross bred people then the yankees from the East Coast. The people bred in Spain with heritage in Spain for 7 or more generations are much more pure bred then the people in the U.S.A. with 7 or more generations of heritage in the U.S.A. Here in Texas the people with 7 generations of heritage in Texas are the most outcross bred people in the U.S.A. Here in the Sunnyvale area family genes are bred with such outcrossing a family of 6 or more kids, will show each one with different hair color, different color eyes, different body built, and each one will talk different, and live a different lifestyle as they grow older. Its all about breeding a learning the truth of who is who, truth about the way man is bred, shown we are all bred from God, and not animals on CHARLES DARWIN wrote in his stories. In the LINEAGE OF BREEDING MANKIND, each nation has been bred from the outcrossing of the nations before them. Learning the records of the heritage, teaches us who we are in life, one must learn the truth of who they are before they have understanding of who others are. Thirs people with true understanding of who they are, and thirs people who ant got a clue. Today in 1999 after near 75 years of hemp laws in the U.S.A. thirs 31/2 million people in jails, 1/3 of the ones in jail are thir for breaking hemp laws. Thousands of people are in jail from breaking dog and animal laws. The PIT BULL and animal laws was put into society in 1975, near the year 2025 after near 50 years of dog and animal laws, thir will be hundreds of thousands of people in jail in the U.S.A. from breaking animal laws. Its not about PIT BULLS, it about brotherhoods and laws taken away mankinds freedom and free will, that God gave mankind.I did receive your letter asking for a story about the American Gamedog Breed, call the “PIT BULL” throughout the world today. I first started getting letters from Spain in the late 1970’s when Spain first started buying American Gamedogs from the U.S.A. In 1983 I wrote and published a book called “AMERICAN GAMENESS AND HERITAGE”, in the book I wrote how in a number of years in the NATIONS OF EUROPE, “Society would be puten in LAWS about the American Gamedogs”, and at that time most all gamedog breeders in Europe and America said I must be nuts to write such a story, But as we have all at this time seen what I wrote back in 1983 has over the years became TRUE in more then a few Nations in Europe. This is a WORLDSIZE MOVEMENT thats been taken place since the early 1970’s, and long before that here in the U.S.A. It was first created in Europe and latter came to the U.S.A, here in the U.S.A. they are WORDSIZE strong with much power in Society to change laws for Animals. The head of thir BROTHERHOOD at this time is the ANIMAL RIGHTEST OF THE WORLD, Sergio if I write a article for your magazine the (ESPANA), it would be of the heritage of the breed, showen how at one time in my heritage I had heritage in Spain who was Breeders of this same gamest familys and Breed of dogs. The gamest breeders of dogs bred by man in the 1100’s was the moores who took control of Spain and the Church at that time, it was the moores who brought the gamest breed of dogs into the area of Spain. Near that same time 7 Bishops refusing to obey the infidel Moores who had conquered thir city, fled across the ocean and each Bishop established his own powerfull city, witch later became known of as the Texas Indians 7 City of Gold, Spain latter in the 1400’s and 1500’s spent lots of years and generations looken for thos 7 Citys of Gold in Texas. Just as it is today, so has it been in the history and heritage of the gamest, strongest, most powerfull breed of dogs bred by mankind. In the mid 1970’s thir was less then 1,000 American Gamedogs alive in the world. 700 or so of the 1,000 lived in Texas, they were the purest familys bred, and proven in the main dogpit in Sunnyvale, Texas. Today in 1999 thirs more then 20 million American Gamedogs throughout the world. Who heritage was the purest familys in Texas in the 1970’s. As I said my stories are about the lineage and heritage of the Outcross bred People, and the purest familys of gamedogs they bred and proved throughout the generations of thir heritage. At this time and for the past more then 40 years of my life I have been a Breeder of the purest familys of American Gamedogs. My heritage here in America came from Europe, then after they had lived across America for 350 years, they moved into Texas in the early 1800’s and outcross with a Texas Indian family. Spain has roots here in Texas thats more in South Texas then in North Texas wher I live. Only the Texas Indians lived in the Sunnyvale area in 1800. Sergio you may think what does all this have to do with the “Pit Bulls” in Spain. What I am telling you is thir are records that show throughout history the purest bred dogs bred by man, are the gamest familys and Breed of dogs bred by man, they are the Purest bred Family of all Breeds of Dogs, bred by man. Always the records show the gamest most proven familys of gamedogs would be bred in the same area of the world, wher the most Outcross Scatter Bred People are born, and have lived for generations of heritage. In the world today the most outcross bred Nation of People are bred in the U.S.A., the Americans who bred the “Pit Bulls” witch have proven to be the gamest most powerfull strongest breed of dogs bred by man at this time. The People of Texas are the most Outcrossed Scater Bred People in the U.S.A. With most the outcrossed bred People of Texas liven in the Dallas and Sunnyvale area of North Texas. My heritage in this Sunnyvale area of Texas show records of the most outcross bred people bred in Texas. And records within the breed of the American Gamedogs. Shown that I Don Mayfield as the Breeder of the purest familys of gamedogs bred by man, and proven in the pit, and at this time the familys of gamedogs bred from my understanding are the gamest and strongest dogs bred in the World. Yes it is true thir is no Breed of dogs bred in the world as strong and powerfull, or can bite as hard, with the abilty to kill other animals, this is by far the gamest breed of animals bred by man today. Now you say in your nation of Spain the animal lovers of society are waleing about to much dog for Spain, ban the breed and ship them back to Texas. Why should such a breed as the purest breed of dogs be to much dog for the people of Spain. All breeds of dogs bred by man show all breeds bred from the purest bred familys of dogs bred by the most outcross bred people. In other words all breeds of dogs came about as cross breeding dogs, bred from the purest bred familys. Allways throught history the purest most proven dogs in the PIT, has been the heritage of each breed, as it was created by outcrossing within the purest breed. the gamest most powerfull strongest killing of all dogs, were the familys man controll thir genes and bred them very pure from the most proven dead gamedogs. Many breeds in the last thousand or so years has been bred from the outcrossing of the purest familys man bred. Such dogs as the AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER, THE AMERICAN BULL TERRIER, THE AMERICAN BULLDOG, THE IRISH STAFF, THE ENGLISH STAFF, THE ENGLISH BULLDOG, THE MASS STAFFS OF ROME, the breeds number 1,000 or more today who all show heritage that was bred from the purest gamest familys of dogs, bred by the most outcrossed bred people who became known as CHRISTIANS. Allways beside the most outcross bred Christians show the purest bred familys of game proven dogs. Now the animal rightest along with thir brotherhood are tryen to put laws into all nations so they can create a crop to harvest. The crop they will harvest will be millions and millions of acres of land, and a animal law force of powerful people who will be like big brother out to tell you what kind of dogs one can breed and own in Spain, or other nations throughout the world. Its not about the PITT BULLS its about the LAWS thir brotherhood put into society that create GOLD, SILVER, and fine jewels, as they won’t more, more, more. And at the same time hanging on to ones shoulder trying for thir heart, shown dogs should be like people, even going so far as to leting all dogs live in the house, sleeping on ones bed, and some even have sex with thir dogs. Serigo you ask me to make comments on the PITT BULL as to the breed and what kind of dogs they make around the family, or around people, or out in the park, or in society. The breed is such a breed that has been train to be many kinds of dogs, many of the breed are movie and tv stars, they are such a breed that can be trained better to do any job its owner and trainer won’ts his dog to be. The dogs in the movie “LITTLE RASCALS”, and the two dogs in HOMEWORD BOUND” one and two, were all three dogs bred from my purest family, cross with the AMERICAN PULLDOG breed. Dogs are dogs, when people show dogs as like people, such as people are like dogs, thir in for a big fall in life. Some people have little true understanding of not only the PIT BULLS, but other breeds of dogs and animals as well. For this Spain and brotherhoods from Texas try and put in laws that will take more controll of the people who breed and deal dogs and animals, such laws that over time creates thir brotherhood billions of U.S.A. dollars, tons of gold, silver, and fine jewels. This brotherhood has put in animal and pitbull laws in nations throughout the world, they put in laws in Holland, England, Germany, and other nations to ban PIT BULLS, its all part of a larger plan thir brotherhood is trying for as they won’t it all, and such controll they can controll the bred of dogs society breeds. It all comes from CHARLES DARWIN and his thoughts of, “WE MANKIND CAME FROM ANIMALS AND NOT FROM GOD.” In the mid 1970’s I at that time was owner of near 75 to 100 American Gamedogs, I was the breeder of the purest gamest proven family within the breed, at that time I was matchen more fighting dogs then any man in Texas. At that time thir was no laws against fighting dogs, at that time this brotherhood sent word to me by the number one head Texas Ranger in Texas, a man called Boss Hogg. Boss came to me in 1975 and told me to put a stop to the matching of gamedogs in Texas. At that time I was matchen a number of gamedogs people with thir dogs, in the main pit in the U.S.A. and Texas at that time. At that time thir was less then 1,000 American Gamedogs in america, and 700 or more of them lived in Texas, with all the breeders at that time matchen and proven thir dogs in the PIT. Near the time I got word from the animal rightest brother hood, (from boss hogg head Texas Ranger) I moved the main pit from the Dallas area to a very small country town in East Texas call “BEN WHEELER”. The main man who own most all the land in that area was a gamedog breeder, I set up my PIT on his land. Over a few years I put on a few shows when we had near one hundred or more people at pitside to see 2 or 3 matches, these matches were the strongest match dogs in the breed, matched to prove the truth of each family of gamedogs. In 1978 we had a show put together whir thir was 20 dogs matched, and over 500 people at pitside to see the matches. These people at pitside came from ever area of society rich people, poor people, preachers, school teachers, lawmen, and outlaws all with American Gamedog intrest, to see the strongest gamest hardest biten breed of dogs bred by man, to prove the truth of thir breeders understanding of animals and nature. In those years thir was near 30 people in the U.S.A. who would match thir dogs in the pit by rules with a reff for a large some of money. Thir was a lot to matchen a dog in those years. First a dog bred for the pit was bred just for the pit. From the time they were born on my yard I began to feed them a diet created to build a strong body, I started schoolen and training the pups for the pit by leting them run lose hunting in the woods and fields around our house. At the age of near 6 months old I put the pups on long cable runs, at that time I would walk older dogs from pup to pup and schoolen them for the pit. When the pups reach near one year old I school them to work what I called a “CATMILL”, at that age I begain to put thir bodys in the fitest health and powerfull and strong with lungs so they could run on the CATMILL for hours and hours and not tire, thir body had to be condition to be like the animals body that live in the wild of nature. In thos years thir was no matches in the parks or city streets with gamedogs and mix breeds, dog matching was in the main pit. In 1978 we had a big show ready to take place in BEN WHEELER, it was after the first match had taken place, with over 500 people at PITSIDE to see the matches. When Boss Hogg and 12 of his rangers with 27 armed men, two newspaper writers, two t.v. newsmen, all showed up and put a stop to the main American Gamedog “PIT” in Texas. At that time Boss’s Brotherhood wrote many storys and published the storys throughout the world about the game fighting dogs bred in Texas. These storys were published in newspapers all over the world, storys about the AMERICAN PIT BULLS and the dog fighting pits in Texas. At that time the value of a good bred pup was 3 or 4 hundred on my yard, within the next few years the value of a pup was two thousand dollars. The breed over the years of American Gamedogs known as PIT BULLS, became the number one breed of dogs throughout the U.S.A. of intrest and value. At that time breeders from the Nations in Europe came to the U.S.A. and Texas and bought a large number of American Gamedogs. Over the 1980’s the numbers growed larger and larger in value, saling for 3 to 6 thousand for pups. The American Gamedogs became known as the American Pit Bulls throughout the world, by 1990 thir was over 5 million PIT BULLS. It was the brotherhood who created the intrest and value of the American Gamedogs, with the many storys they wrote and published throughout the world. Near this time the animal rightest begain puten in laws in nation throughout Europe, banning the American Gamedogs. This is the same brotherhood who put in laws in the U.S.A. to ban HEMP in the 1930’s, then years latter harvested thir crop by maken billions and billions of dollars from thos laws. It will be the same when they harvest thir crop from the laws they are puting in nations for dogs and animals. At this time in 1999 the number of American Gamedogs known as PIT BULLS are more then 20 million of the breed. Since the late 1970’s near 1979 the American Gamedogs became the number one breed of dogs with intrest and value throughout the world. The breed has been #1 longer then any breed bred on record the last 100 or more years. Such breeds as the GERMAN SHEPHARD or DOVERMAN was #1 breed for 10 years or less, the American Gamedogs have been worldsize #1 breed for 20 years and still growning at this time, the value of the PIT BULLS are higher then any breed in the world. The seeds have been planted, the crop is overflown, and the brotherhood is starten to harvest. Its the same brotherhood who’s out to put in laws that will take away our guns, and our hemp plants, the same big brothers GEORGE ORWELL worte about in the 1940’s saying, “BIT BY BIT THEY WOULD TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOM, AND CREATE ANIMAL FARMS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD”. Its the same brotherhood who are puten in PIT BULL laws, after they have created more then 20 million PIT BULLS throughout the world. Its the same brotherhood who will put in laws to stop BULL FIGHTING in SPAIN, FOX HUNTER in England, and take controll of millions and millions of acres of land for Animal Farms, just as GEORGE ORWELL wrote in the 1940’s in Animal Farms and 1984 Big Brother. Again in your letter to me you ask me to write you what kind of dog is the American Gamedog known as PIT BULLS. The breed is the number one breed in the world with intrest and value, how much more can I say. Its not about PIT BULLS, its LAWS that bit by bit the brotherhood takes away mans freedom with, very much like the PIT BULL laws they are now tryen to put in Spain. In 1979 and throughout the 1980’s to 1987 the Animal Righest brotherhood published story’s throughout the world saying the American Pitbulls were the best pets anyone could own, they said they are all around family dogs, good with family, kids, and other animals. Then in 1987 they begain to publish stories saying the PIT BULLS from America were DEVIL DOGS and not fit to live in world society. Then in 1990 they started creating laws to ban American Pit Bulls in one nation after the other. It all came about from the thoughts of CHARLES DARWIN when he wrote, mankind was bred from animals, and not created by GOD. Today in 1999 thirs over 20 million American Gamedogs, with 90% or more of all the females over a year old producing two litters of pups each year. The crop is overflowing, the brotherhood are puting in such laws to harvest the crop, thir style is to create CHAOS, then ORDER as they harvest thir crop. These such brotherhoods show records of harvesting mankind, since the the begining of mankinds records of history and heritage. These are such people who over generations mankind learns such truth, as to who they are in truth. They are the people who teach right is wrong, and wrong is right, they over genertaions put laws into society that takes away mankinds freedom, that was given to man by God. God said all seed baren plants are for man, animals, fish, flown, nature all was for mankind. Now bit by bit the brotherhoods are creating chaos and puten in laws to take away our plants, our dogs, our animals, and bit by bit the freedom of free will that God gave to mankind. And at the sametime harvesting thir crop maken billions and billions of U.S.A. dollars, and tons of gold, silver, and fine jewels, and won’ten more, more, more. Life is about learning the truth about who is who, as mankind proves the truth of thir life to God, and not to man. In the 1930’s the brotherhoods put in laws to ban hemp plants in the U.S.A. in the 1980’s hemp became the most valueable crop growed in the U.S.A. today in 1999 hemp is the number one most valueable crop growed in the world. Each year since the brotherhoods put in laws of PIT BULLS, the number of the breed grows more and more. By 5 or so years from now thir will be more American Gamedogs call PIT BULL, then all the other breed of dogs number together, and the brotherhoods will be harvesting thir crop by puten in laws taken freedom away from people throughout the world. In 1998 after year of research I wrote a novel about the Outcross Breed People of Sunnyvale, Texas. The book is stories of the heritage and history of the Sunnyvale, Texas area, the book starts in the 1500’s when the Texas Indians lived in the Sunnyvale area. Stories about CABEZA DE VACA who said from his home in Spain, in 1527 when he was thirty- seven years old. In 1528 he and 93 men beached thir boat, within days only 16 men were alive, they were in Texas, for the next 7 years CABEZA DE VACA and two others travel into the heart of Texas, it was when they travel into the hills in North Texas, when the Texas Indians showed the man from Spain the 7 Citys of Gold. It was in 1150 A.D. in the Spanish City of Merida when 7 Bishops refusing to obey the moors, and they fled across the ocean to Texas and created 7 City of Golds, Silver and fine jewel. In the novel are storie about the Texas Indians, and the 7 Bishops who brought the understanding of the Christian life to the Texas Indians, as they created the 7 Citys of Gold. To this day the Texas Indians 7 Citys of Gold has never been found, the history of Texas shows the 7 Citys did exist, many reports came back to Spain about the riches of the 7 Bishops accumulated and the wonders they performed, but no one in Spain knew exactly wher they were in the NEW WORLD. In 1940 CORONADO marched across Texas looking for the Texas Indians 7 Citys of Gold his travels came near 2 hundred miles from the hills in the Sunnyvale area. Records show the area of land the Texas Indians controll was between the Brazos River and the Nueces River, along both sides of the Trinity River. CABEZA DE VACA travel from the point South Texas wher the Trinity River ran into the Gulf of Mexico, on north beside the Trinity River into the heart of Texas in 1528 with the Texas Indians. The area of Sunnyvale is in the uper Trinity in North Texas wher the east fork of the uper Trinity runs through a area of the hills. This Sunnyvale area near the Trinity River was rich Farming blacksoil, the Texas Indians were farmers who growed crops and farm the rich blackland near the Trinity River. Over the years the Sunnyvale area of Texas became the area wher the people became the most Outcross Bred People in Texas. The records show the end of the lineage of the Outcross Bred Christian People, are at this time the people with thir heritage in Sunnyvale since the mid 1800’s. Records show the 7 Citys was created by the 7 Bishops with the Christian understanding from Spain . Records show throughout the history and heritage of the outcross breed Sunnyvale Redneck Hick Texas people, they were the Christians who were the farming people, and the breeders of the purest familys of dogs bred by man. The novel is stories about the most outcross bred christian, and the purest familys of game proven dogs, it is called THE HISTORY OF SUNNYVALE TEXAS.

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