Blanco`s GR CH Aces Jackie

Aces Jackie, or Boots as my wife called her, was born up North on the yard of Dawnrest Kennels on August 2nd 1995. Aces Jackie was sired by Rumble, a game and talented stud who is tight Mountain Man’s CH Homer blood, and out of the very rough Pigskin who is tight Cowboy/CH Jeep; both sire and dam have a little GR CH Joey blood for a boost in there. Boots was picked out by Angel Martinez, a friend of mine, who I brought up to Dawnrest because he wanted to buy a pup. Angel raised her until the age of 5 months old when he said he no longer wanted the fiery little bitch that kept shaking his males ball sack. He also didn’t like the way she looked as we both agreed she was the ugliest little bitch around. I paid him four $100.00 payments on her and she was mine. I let her share a kennel with my other 7 month old male and they were fine for a couple of months. Until one day when the wife and I were away at a function and Boots decided that she doesn’t want Damien sharing the kennel anymore and breaks his leg. I got scared since Damien had 20 pounds on her and he tossed her around until she takes his bottom end out. We separated them after about ten or fifteen minutes of what we saw upon our return home and took Damien out. When I let Boots go she rockets into the fence. I tell myself, well if she wants it I’ll give it to her in a few weeks. So that’s what I did. We tried to put a Colby/Bad Billy/Boomerang cross on her but they didn’t go. So one of the guys says his Flo will have that bitch for lunch. Well, they started but Boots picked her teeth with Flo so we put a bigger dog on her after that. That was bump number two and it lasted twenty-seven minutes. I healed her up and a month later we go up North where she came from and give her ten with a Deadwood bitch. She scratched on three and we had to get her other leg stitched back on. Four months later, I gave her fifteen with my rough Bad Billy bitch and they make a nice mess but Boots was giving up 10 pounds and was still coming to the top.

I then bred her to a Deadwood/Art male. After her rolls, bumps and schooling I got a call from Funky Medina, we had known each other for some time. I was green and he had four or five under his belt so he says, “I got a 34 in thirty days.” Well, I said no problem and we agreed on each other’s words, with no forfeits. We get it on with this tight Maloney/Dirty Mary bitch that has been around the block. No handles, no out of holds and his bitch in control for the first 8 minutes. Then Boots hits the armpits, chest and shoulders and his bitch sings and turns. Then Boots breaks the chest and it’s all over. His bitch is playing dead so I scratch to win at :21, his bitch didn’t make it. Well, its time off for a couple of months. I call out Krunch Kennels’ 1X Winner Tilly, we are all set to get it on and they pay the forfeit so I am still looking with three weeks on my dog. Broadway Jack convinced me to go into some high-class stuff in order to get recognition. So I call out Captain America, after he checks me out and checks some weights, we’re on at 36 pounds. He brings some of his double Dead Game Chopper stuff that takes a killing for 1:40, scratches six times, looks dead five times and shits three times but just won’t pack it in until she dies in the corner and collapses. So that’s number two for Boots. She took a bad, heavy chewing so she is on off time for a while. I bred her to CH Asia and didn’t get any pups so no free rides at Blanco’s Kennel. I talked to I.B.M. and asked are we ready? He said hell yeah; I’ll be down to get her tomorrow. He had worked her for number two and she was not running hot or breathing hard at 1:40 and she was strong and pumping, so he was to work her again. Number three is lined up with Krunch & Law-Town because they want another chance. So the money’s up and we are ready when Law-Town wants to forfeit again half way through.

Big P Krunch said no way; I’m not looking like an ass that bitch is going. So we get it on and they bring a tight Chinaman bitch that is said to have it all named Lacy. We let them rip and I can see I.B.M. has boots perfect, as usual. Lacy turns after a bit of action, handles are made and she comes across. She is getting outclassed and she starts singing.
Law-Town is making excuses about conditioning and Big P Krunch says its only gone 10 minutes, she is just getting whipped, no excuse needed she didn’t quit yet. She sings along but keeps scratching and we are all confused but they feel she can’t win so they pick up a confused, game bitch and Mass Combine declares Boots as Champion Aces Jackie with win number three in :25. We tried to breed her and while we wait, we get a called out by B-Line. They want traveling weight
and a higher wager, we tell him to hold on because we aren’t sure if she is pregnant or not but if she isn’t we give them our word we will call them. Well she didn’t take so we gave them a call and it’s on in eight weeks with ½ pound for traveling for them. It was to be a four match show until the law pays a visit two hours beforehand, so all others are postponed and we change the spot for ours. With B-Line’s cooperation we travel back South and get it on. Both dogs are on weight and B-Line says they brought this 2X Best In Show Winner Sissy just for Boots. They are confident and start the betting. Sissy is protesting in 6 minutes and scratches twice until at :24 she is a cold noodle and they offer us a scratch to win. We do, and Sissy collapses. I thought she was going to be buried but apparently they saved her after the hour and fourteen minute ride. Poor I.B.M., he worked his ass of for less than a half hour of action. We were advised to try and hook her again right away before the word of a quick kill gets out and then we would never get her hooked. We call out twenty reputable kennels and eight Champions within ½ pound of her weight with no luck until I call Hargroves at War Eagle Kennels. He doesn’t hesitate one minute and it’s on. So I.B.M. is hand walking again now with the help of his stepson Scuff who is racking up a record of his own. The day of our event Hargroves never shows so we get the forfeit after a seven hour ride. We call and try everything to get him to go through with this. So we tell him if he shows at the said time and date and makes weight we will give him back his forfeit. Well he did so; it’s on a full week and a peak later. He brings his 2X Winner Hargroves’ & The Gator Boys’ Simba who is said to be a hardmouthed, rough bitch. She was all that and then some. She was a limb punishing bitch that did to Jackie what she usually does to others. For about 25 minutes Jackie gets busted up, broken front paw, broken stifle and just plain chewed on. When Simba slows down Jackie starts to figure this backend specialist out and she starts doing what she does best, hitting the chest and throat. Simba tired due to lack of air because her throat was choked off and turns at :41. Handles made and she comes like a rocket only to be overpowered by Jackie who was working a down dog until :58 when Hargroves offers a scratch to win. We scratched and now it’s time to help Hargroves save Simba. This is a rough bitch that I would not mind owning myself, I doubt that she would quit. This was definitely Jackie’s toughest match as I wasn’t sure if we were going to win this one. I.B.M. & Scuffs’
conditioning helped to bring her to the top again. She isn’t even 4 years old and made Grand Champion. Not bad for an unrespected $400.00 bitch that nobody liked or wanted. Her next battle is ROM status. Now lets get her bred, hopefully she will pass that style on and can make some more wins because so far our record isn’t where we want it to be.Asthmakid, I.B.M. & Scuff

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