Wanderlei Silver 4w (Axe Murderer)

Wanderlei Silva Axe Murder comes from the breeding of Chainman’s Conan, a Garners Tudor Imp a tight Chinaman dog bred to Ch Kendra a Frisco x yellow bitch and
the bottom side a hard biting Frisco bitch Cm’s Klein Xena, bred top to bottom Garners Frisco. Wanderlei Silva started at a young age and showed great composure, average
bite and high ability and has earned his 1W Title status at the age of 21 months ending
the career of his first opponent. He is considered to be an all-rounder with a good
finishing. Following is an illusory report of his sensational career as a combat dog.
There was a hype going on in the mother city about this show with Troy having more
bets before the show than Wanderlei, others even joke that they will bring all the
money from their bank account and how Troy will brutalise Wander. 1W Troy was a
Buck skin dog, a grandson of IMP POR Sangre/ the grittier blood. He was said to be
the master of the muzzle like his littermate brother Yakuza who won a 2x Beast by
sitting on the muzzle.
1) Wanderlei Silva vs 1w Troy
The night came where TROY would meet Wanderlei at a neutral venue. As we took in
Wanderlei in for weighing the very moment he saw the pit he started to go ballistic
and restless screaming to be released. We finally got him on the scale. Upon release
both dogs meet in the middle with Wanderlei immediately going for the head and
Troy pushing in the chest and shoulders area. Troy got in the left shoulder for a few
seconds initially and it was like Wanderlei saying to him you’re not going to get in
there again. And so, the contest went on with Wanderlei on solid-, unbreakable
defence on the head and ear, riding out the determined Troy and waiting for his
opportunity to counter on the stifle which didn’t take long at 5min he had Troy on the
floor rinsing his stifle had like it was up for grabs. After about 8 minutes it looks like
Wanderlei has figured out Troy and slowly comes down from the deep Stifle hold to

the side of Troy’s muzzle. He then shoots in hard into Troy’s throat and kept him
down while working him over. Troy’s gets up very angry and goes on the muzzle
which made his corner go wild screaming that’s the Troy we know and bets started to
fly for that moment as he makes Wanderlei push while defending on the muzzle. It
wasn’t long till Wanderlei took him off with a devastating shoulder hold that made
Troy go down and now Wander would grab the ear and turn- and throw him on his
back and work the shoulder stifle and gut those intense body slams is slowly taking its
toll on Troy’s vitals. At 20minutes Wander is way ahead and Troy starts protesting but
continues to look for good holds while Wander dances with quick feet keeping him
out. It’s now 30minutes and Troy has not done any real damage on Wander getting
only a few shots on the shoulders. A turn is called on Troy and Ref grants it. As
Wander continues to punish Troy, biting his reproductive organs making his corner
quiet, the only words came out of his corner was he will scratch all night yet Wander
with systematic changes between ear, shoulder and throat he demonstrates his
powers. At 40 minutes Wander is now mopping the floor with Troy who has now
excreted blood and dung which fills the air with a foul stench and he is just lying there
as the owner refuse to pick up Wander not only sense, but also smells the imminence
of the end and starts to push with great ferocity into the throat closing it shut like an
apex predator in the wild suffocating him by his nose that Troy started to scream and
as a handle came he wanted to bite his own handler but he forcefully gets to the
corner and like a dizzy drunk dog didn’t seem to remember where he was and got
counted out at 10th count making Wanderlei Silva Axe murder 1W at 59min as a few
more minutes Troy would have died in the pit.
Special thanks to Team M-FIT and 27

We decided to bring Wanderlei out again for number 2 into a 1w again, so called out
winner that goes by the name BJ but his weight wasn’t 20,5kg he had changed
division to 19,5kg then we called out Josh a 1w but there was no response from the
owners even though we offered to meet half way this show was never going to take
Finally got a response from Chain Gang Kennels who also had a 1w who was known
for eating the muzzle off like it was his fav meal. Cyrus was his name and a great
grandson of IMP Teacher top and bottom side. He apparently was from the litter of
destruction as there was only winners from him litter and a Looser. This litter was
supposedly to be the gameness litter. But that was about to change as we believe
only the box will tell the truth like any wise man action speaks louder than words.
2) Wanderlei vs 1w Cyrus
The night finally came where the two were to meet. We got to the ring and Wander
knew what was about to happen getting restless looking through the car window to
see where his victim was as i tried to keep him calm. Mr ref took the agreed fees from
both sides with Cyrus to weigh first. I remained in the car with my partner my friend
taking care of Cyrus’s weighing. Then finally the moment the crowed was waiting for i
could say 20+ heads came to see this as Wander enters with a white towel covering
his head. All one could hear was the crowd going crazy some shouting he is a boxer
and few bets were made by those who believe in the Axe Murder Wanderlei Silva so
we proceed and washed i knew what was about to happen Wander started screaming
as he was being washed as he wanted to be in the box. The two 1x winners hit hard in
the middle and immediately began to swap hold for hold, shaking and fighting hard in
and all out was. The fight was pretty much even for the first 3 min as both dogs tried
to out power the other with Wanderlei driving and driving into Cyrus. The two dogs
were fighting hard and furious then Wanderlei started displaying like the famous
words of Mohammed Ali (float like a butterfly sting like a bee) taking ear, chest,
throat and shoulders hold making Cyrus look a bit stupid as he couldn’t catch the
speedy Gonzalez whose legs where on nitro after feeling how Cyrus bit on his muzzle
at 10 passing Wanderlei off to the limit wanting to finish Cyrus quick by driving into
his throat but like a die-hard cyrus refused to lay still he came back up with
vengeance taking wanderlei by his ear shaking him off his feet like a rag, he did for 2
min making his team go wild that’s it my boy the owner said to him praising him so
that he mustn’t take bottom again but like a devil’s advocate Wanderlei took him off
by his stifle hold biting cryus off his feet showing him what he was all about, Wander
begin to show that he is real head terrorist, he sticks as a glue on Cyrus’s head, being
a smart dog of excellent wrestling abilities, fast, strong, wind as submarine punishing
the living hell out of him wiping the floor with him if it was a stage show u could’ve
said it was all his stage alone as Cyrus protest what pitmen calls a remix screaming in
pain looking for the muzzle which kept failing until 35 where one could think after the
throat jabbing and stifle would be sure that his soul was busy living at that moment
but as game as he was said to be he managed to hold on for dare life on the muzzle of Wanderlei and did some big damage on the lip which made wander fang now

randomly and he was forced to do what he does best chock the living life out of Cyrus
by closing his mouth and nose we asked the handler for scratch to continue but he
rejected it thinking he was doing any justice for his dog. I called on the great one the
demons of all demons lucifer out of wander to finish up as he was starting to slow
down after working 1hour he started to break the front legs one by one swopping to
the stifle at 1;19 he thought he finished and thinking cyrus was dead, a quick handle
out of hold was made with Cyrus in shock not knowing what planet he was in i
grabbed wander to his corner and like he normally do screamed to be released and
on the other corner Cyrus out of it, both front rare broken failed to stand and all the
gameness was bitten out of him and to the 10th count he was out and he cur.
Wanderlei still screaming to go for more i released him like a rocket straight for the
throat making a strong statement that he is now declared a 2xw and BIS for a valid
Special thanks to C Gang and his Team for the show


Handsome Rob was a 1W exceptional bull dog that have earned his spot in the dog
fraternity also a good producer bred Tudor- a heavy Early JR dog x Baby Rouge a
Mayday Buck bitch.
Weight pull 20.5kg
Ref ordered both dogs to be released Handsome Rob shot across and nailed Wanderlei Silva
deep in the chest right in the middle of the box and immediately Wanderlei went into Rob’s
face taking him off from the nose and then switching to the ear, Rob kept pushing in hard and
trying to slam Wanderlei into the corners where he could do some damage, but Wanderlei
would just spin out on the ear and once again Rob was chasing thin air and was now moving
on a fast that Rob must have thought he was surrounded. At about 10 min with Wander being
more athletic and showing wrestling ability, he managed to hit Rob w bleeder on the right leg
making Rob angry that he took Wander from bottom by his chest as if he was going to throw
him in the air. Wander being a typical one he refused to take bottom by handling Rob on his
head ear back and forth as he felt how Rob was bringing the music to him whenever he could
break the defence seeing that he couldn’t get more of the throat he decided to go more on
front legs hitting Wanderlei a bleeder that Rob’s Corner did cheer for that moment and a bet
was made from team Wanderlei but no takers. Wanderlei knew what he was suppose do to
stay out of trouble but because he was now very angry as Rob made him sore he took him by
his right stifle working it viciously that he didn’t care were Rob bit him while trying to take him
off, he work that backend hard for good couple of minutes then lost grip in the same process
which have Rob an upper hand to hold him on his head forcing him to push which he only did
for few seconds then he went into the throat pinning Rob from an angle then swopped the
hold for an ear hold then the (old timer laughed and said wander was not killer he can’t kill Rob
on the ear this is wonderland) it wasn’t long after that being said a turn was called on Rob and
he made his scratch wander also scratched afterwards. Feeling Rob getting weaker Wander
started to work more and more like he just started, it was time to shine and a joke was made
that Rob Was not going to walk out of the box alive. I started to whistle the whistle only Wander
knows when it’s time to shine he mopped the floor as if he was a cleaner cleaning the floors till
Rob was out of it trying to gasp for, air. This proved that Wander is just too fast that team Rob
said so themselves and pit smart. Rob possessed was a fast mouth & hitting the throat hard
but the gruelling pace of the fight began to tell on Rob, & Wander looking fresher and found
his way to the throat (Checkmate) where he settled like a apex predator making a kill, he didn’t
shake yet stuck like glue, with Rob helpless not knowing how to get out of the awkward hold
which he some foam started to come out of his mouth and eyes rolling back into his skull like
heavens was calling on him for the next few minutes yet bleeding heavily on his armpit ,
Wander put on a display of a true Killer that left many seasoned dogman shaking they heads
that one of Rob fans lost hope seeing that there was no way Rob was making a comeback from
this kind of hold they screamed Rob is busy dying making the handler ask for scratch to
continue and we rejected . It wasn’t long Rob managed to Get up on his clumsy feet like. As he
was still trying to figure out what planet he was in at 1:05 Team Rob conceded and asked for a
curtesy scratch.
Respect to ST-MAN For a great show

Yayo was bred out of Blaze a son of Ch Brisco a hard biting dog over CH Cyrus x Ch
Toshca from the big John stock. We all know the outcome of the crosses of Frisco
and the jeep blood. He was a 1x winner who won in 10 min was said to be off the
chain (he didn’t need a keep) as he had an EXTREMELY hard mouth and gut
specialist. He has earned a good reputation that dogs on his weight were scared to
take him on. There was talks that he would have Wanderlei for a snack or he would
kill him under 10 reasons being Wander is a natural lean dog and Yayo has killed Ch
Bucko with that signature move of the lock jaw in the gut, a pure evil dog. Seemed as
the ST-MAN had it all figured out he decided to come for seconds.
The day finally came where the 2 finally met the show that many have been
anticipating almost like JONE JONES VS DANIEL COMIER match of all time. Weight
21kg, Ref orders dogs to be released in released Wanderlei and he got a YAYO in his
corner as his handler wanted to release him into the stifles but it was a missed call
with Wander landing on the head and straight into defensive mode living Yayo to
push and look for holds on the front rare where he had some nice holds, shaking the
soul out of Wanderlei moping the floor in the first few minutes into the match
making his corner go wild like we were at a stadium chanting a and cheering yayo to
go into the gut faster than the Flash with lighting speed. First attempt he couldn’t
get into the stifle or gut but like a crocodile he finally had his way at 4min and it was
said the show was over with that one hold. They under estimated the Ch and his
defence skills and he doesn’t like to get hurt like Floyd Mayweather too quick he
was out of trouble taking Yayo by the ear reminding him who was in charge. This
goes on for about 10 min with both dogs going pound for pound when given a
chance and yayo wanting more and more of the stifles like It was Wi-Fi hotspot. One
would say he was China man himself. Yayo tried his best to go in the gut and stifles,
Wanderlei with the height advantage and reach advantage he started to offend
teaching Yayo how to bite stifles like a proper vindictive, doing damages and

making holes like a AS50 sniper rifle on the stifles, the seconds protested how can
you beat a dog like this he is a CHAMPION FOR A REASON he is a clever dog which
gave mixed emotions to the handler as all the attempts Yayo tried getting came
empty handed and had bleeder on the stifles that Wanderlei deposited before
departing to full defence mode leaving Yayo to start chasing the legs again and tiring
up running out of fuel and making the Champ take every advantage of the tired
Yayo biting his front rare shoulders as soon as Yayo lays he would work his way to
the throat then again Yayo’s corner would protest u f#$@ dog get up you can read
lay into Wanderlei you are going to die tonight. This show was supposed to be
finished under 10 minutes already I asked the handler what was happening as now
the show is longer than 20 minutes already. We laughed it off. While the 2 warriors
continue to rumble with Wanderlei in full control now doing as he please with Yayo
who is now hopeless out of holds and whenever he tried to make a comeback he
would only do it for few seconds then out of holds again leaving the Wanderlei the
AXE MURDERER Silva to spring clean the floor with him. On the throat, face,
shoulders head all around Yayo until turn was called on Yayo as he seemed lost in
the illusions of a master at work.

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