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In these days of changing values almost everything that was once considered sacred has lost it’s value. No longer are respect for parents, acceptance of responsibility for elderly family members, commitment to country and admiration for courage held in the same esteem. Children have been allowed to assume the authorities role over parents and grow up without benefit of “Traditional family values” . Incredibly, courts have recently given children the “Right to sue parents”. Is it any wonder parents are placed in rest homes at the first sign of dependence? to be with others of similar age and interest! It’s not rest they’re looking for, it’s love. The sense of family love and acceptance of responsibility toward one another are characteristics which once separated humans from animals.

Well, since man now has more time on his hands, having freed himself of the responsibility of traditional values, how is he using this new found time? In many odd ways I assure you, however, I’ll confine my observations to animals. Because everyone needs a feeling of self worth and peer recognition, well founded or otherwise, many misdirected people have band together and channeled their energies into the most infection for animals. A society which finds no fault with or admires a person who bequeaths their estate to an animal while millions of people experience and suffer from the realities of day to day hunger and thousands perish from starvation would do well to reexamine it’s values. Truly, this demonstrates a disdain for humanity. Gone are the traditional attitudes towards animals; I enjoy, respect and admire my dog. He’s my pal and entitled to good care but he is not equal to groups who profess to deplore violence and believe animals have the same inalienable as humans and should be treated as such. These caring groups overtake research laboratories, destroy hundreds of those sand dollars of equipment ,threaten the lives of dedicated research. Animals scientifically induced with infectious disease, in search of cures, are “stolen” from quarantined laboratories and are allowed to expose other animals, as well as humans. Instead of receiving media condemnation, these groups are being regarded as “Caring” people. The are not caring, loving people as they would have us believe but rather misdirected people with a distorted sense of values and priorities.

There is yet another group which professes, “Love and concern” for animals. This group takes great delight in referring to themselves as a nonprofit Humane Society. This is a privately owned business that provides its’ leaders with a very handsome lifestyle and much personal prestige on the wings of unearned money solicited from a misinformed public. Within this group are many subgroups, all saving or protect whelming majority of these people live in cities and have little or now day to day contact with animals other than perhaps a house pet or goldfish. Among their expressed goals are:

Abolish rodeos, unless of course, the animals can ride the cowboys instead of the traditional other way around. Abolish horse racing. The poor horses are whipped to make them run faster and as we all know, anything you don’t want to do is out dated tradition. Abolish greyhound racing. Greyhounds are trained and conditioned to run by chasing rabbits. The “Society” considers this cruel. In addition, the hounds should not be required to chase a mechanical rabbit around the track IN SPITE of the fact, “They love to run and run to live”. This same “Society” is against everything which requires animal to earn their keep unless they can do it by lying on a sofa. As illogical and misdirected as the leaders of this “Society” are, don’t be surprised to see another segment rise up with yet another cause “Save the unborn – boycott eggs”!!!

The Pit Bull was developed as a companion and gladiator. Unfortunately the word gladiator, which simply means one who will fight to defend, has had a sinister connotation attached to it by bleeding hearts who still believe the moon is made of Swiss cheese and mentally live in the land of OZ. From his inception the Pit Bull has faithfully fought to defend his master from ill intentioned scoundrels. All surviving animals have fought to defend themselves, however, this admirable quality gas been developed in well-bred Pit Bulls, to a greater degree than in any other man loving animal.However, of all the innocent victims of these powerful groups, the most maligned and “Endangered breed”: is the American Pit Bull Terrier. The alledged purpose of this society is to protect and save animals. Everything from whales to goldfish; elephants to mosquitos; everything except the Pit Bull. The attitude of this politically influential society toward the Pit Bull defies logic, belies their alledged purpose and can only be described as “Organized Genocide” of an innocent breed. Which brings us to the question “Why me” ?

As recently as 12 years ago the Pit Bull was a relatively forgotten and unknown dog. About this time so called nonprofit “Humane Society leaders” were desirous of raising even more money to fill their greedy pockets and what better means to accomplish this self-serving goal the to misinform a misguided public. Just as scoundrels in other money raising schemes have duped a trusting and unsuspecting public, these “Humane Society leaders” swindled many well meaning people throughout the country on the pretext of preventing horrible cruelties to animals, which existed only in the IMAGINATIONS of these AUTHORS of MISINFORMATION. They created horror stories about vicious atrocities taking place with Pit Bulls. Every dog or cat that suddenly strayed from home became the victim of the depraved Pit Bull owner. Even pigeons were brought in these blood curdling fabrications. Their heads were reportedly pulled off and the spurting of the blood poured over the heads of Pit Bulls, presumably to make them blood crazed and even more vicious. Ripley’s believe it or not could not have $old these sinister tales to grieve stricken “Lost pet owners” . If president Reagan could raise money as quickly and abundantly as these self-serving exploiters did, the national debt would be a thing of the past.

Suddenly, the Pit Bull was cast into the limelight. People who never before heard of a Pit Bull were intrigued by these hair raising stories. Same people were repelled; sickos and opportunists were both driven and stimulated. Pit Bulls fell victim to the cruel methods of being raised under horrible conditions, to enhance the blood crazed characteristics fabricated by the non-profit humane leaders. Opportunists began breeding cull stock to meet the demands of a warped and growing market. Little or no care was taken to select individuals who possessed the great traditional qualities of the Pit Bull. Rather than gameness and character being bred for, it became big bigger biggest mean meaner and meanest. As a result of the unprovoked intentional conspiracy against the Pit Bull by “Humane leaders” , a few ill bred Pit Bulls have bitten people. These bite victims should liable and lay direct blame, for their tragic experience, on “Humane leaders” for having created a prevented and an unprecedented demand for Pit Bulls through contrived , sensationalist media coverage which implanted horror stories in the minds of irresponsible, feeble minded people who have, in sum cases, allowed such attacks to occur. It is totally out of character for a well bred Pit Bull to bite a person without provocation. This can readily be documented by researching the past hundred years of recorded Pit Bull history. Surely if biting people was a common characteristic, their history would have recorded it.

Conversely, the Doberman Pincher was developed for the expressed purpose of attacking people. Every year thousands of Dobermans are professionally trained to attack people and do so on a regular basis without any outcry from humane leasers. Apparently a dog bite is a bite unless the dog is a Pit Bull in which event the “Society” labels it an attack. This is not meant as an indictment of Dobermans, as many dogs have been bred exclusively and used for hundred of years to attack people. Organizations such as the military and police agencies as train and rely on dogs to attack and in some instances to attack people. These organizations select powerful dogs which show an inclination to attack. Although Pit bulls are tougher pound for pound than any other breed of dog, I do not know of any military or police agency that use Pit Bulls. The reason being, that Pit Bulls have a history of being very friendly toward people; a characteristic which is not considered compatible for “attack work”. Admittedly, not all Pit Bulls exhibit the traditional friendly temperment of their breed, just as some Dobermans will not attack. However, they are the exception not the rule and are considered culls by responsible breeders. It is commonly known in Pit Bull lore that any dog exhibiting an aggressive attitude toward people was “Put to sleep” – culled. The developing breeder of Pit Bull traditionally regarded man-bitters as “Curs”, meaning they did not possess the most important characteristic for which they were bred, “GAMENESS”. People-biting was and is considered a “Cowardly and unstable characteristic, not to be tolerated. Further, because of the spirited personality of the Pit Bull, he was not allowed to run loose or kenneled with other dogs. This necessitated a closer relationship between the Pit Bull and his owner. Through selective breeding a bond has been developed to a depth rarely formed between man and animal, an invisible bond which has withstood adversities and the test of time.

Sadly, because of the exaggerated media coverage and misrepresentation which invariably have a magnet effect on troublesome thrill seekers, a market exists for culls which enable opportunists to cash in at the expense of the Pit Bull’s reputation. Ti illustrate the depth of the negative humane inspired breeders have had on Pit Bulls, let us examine the size of today’s ill bred, biting Pit Bulls. It is generally accepted history that the Pit Bull was produced by cross mating 15 to 20lb. Rat Terrier with 25 to 45lbs. This size held up for 150 years. Human opportunists, driven by blood curdling fabricated accounts set out to produce a dog that would be “3 times bigger” and “3 times meaner” they succeeded. Check the size today Pit Bulls accused of attacking people. Incredibly, within the span of 12 years, Pit Bull are being marketed solely on the premise that “Big is better”, “Mean’s the thing”. What a tragic mutation of a great breed bought about by SELF-SERVING PREVARICSTORS MASQUERADING AS CRUSADERS FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS

The Pit Bull fighting ability and gameness have, in recent times been used to depict gim an a crazed, blood thirsty killer. Nothing could be further than the truth. Instead these attributes exemplify the qualities that made the founding pioneers of thes once great country standout from all other nations. How fitting that the Pit Bull’s name include the title “AMERICAN”. If the Pit Bull were human with these same attributes, he would be heralded as a WORLD CHAMPION and as a true champion is self assured, endowed with pride and courage, not given to unprovoked attacks on lesser opponents, so to is the Pit Bull.

The hatred of humane leaders against the Pit Bull has been responsible for policies and legislation enacted which in many instances, prevents any Pit Bull from being adopted once he has had the misfortune to be taken to an “animal Shelter”, for any reason. He is condemned to death without having done anything wrong WHY ME ? The integrity of the Pit Bull’s character has bought him into sharp contrast wit influential foes steeped in unholy compromise and questionable values. Must the Pit Bull die simply because humane leaders have rejected hem to promote their own financial interest? Others beware if there are successful in this unwholesome attempt. who or what will fall victim to their next despicable money raising scheme?

Regrettably, not only are courage and commitment, once the measuring stick of America, no longer held in high esteem, they are not even understood. When two scrawny, gun wielding Moslem fanatics hijacked a TWA airliner with 147 passengers aboard, only one courageous, young U.S. Navy SeeBee, Robert Dean Stetham, stood up to them in defense of himself and the other passengers on board. Every other passenger capitulated and elected to cooperate with their captors, while this human Pit Bull was being savagely beaten and murdered. Not one fellow American attempted to join this courageous young man in his noble effort to defend them, himself and the integrity of Americanism. We then watched many interviews with the hostages being depicted as courageous while they expounded the kindness and generosity of their captors. They pleaded for Israel to release 1,100 prisoners whose ranks include terrorist. Incredibly the high-jacking took on a new view. Prominent psychiatrist were interviewed and unhesitantly told the world how courageous the hostages were and how remarkably well they were holding up under the circumstances while they continued to co-operate, having one concern, themselves! How 1uickly the most courageous man on that ill fated flight, who bravely made the supreme sacrifice, was relegated to obscurity while those who surrendered demonstrated their courage, as the psychiatrist termed it, by SITTING IN A DEFIANT MANNER. Their plea rang out not for their fellow American who had been beaten beyond recognition, but only I WANTED TO GO HOME. Had these hostages been in the military during World war 2 and co-operated with the enemy to the same degree, they would have been tried for treason rather than welcomed home as heroes. Perhaps the critics are right and the values that the Pit Bull personifies are no longer prized by modern man whose primary values center around himself as he destroys courageous animals to hide his lack of courage and disdain for traditional human values. What can be said of a country that rejects and punishes courage; while other nations reach out for the soul of our heritage to embrace the world’s UNDISPUTED CHAMPION OF UNCONDITIONAL COURAGE – The Pit Bull He’s my dog and your dog and everyone’s dog who admires courage and have the courage of their own conviction to stand with him in his hour of truth.

Indian Sonny – 1986

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