The True Story Of Jeep


Many people do not know much about this dog. They say “I got a jeep dog” and yet they know so little. On Boxdogs we will try and tell the whole story of the dogs and not just what is in the minds of gamedog lovers worldwide. We will show the history and the truth. This dog rates as one of the top sires of Champion dogs. His match vs. Homer is told by many as one of great length and now has become legendary in the minds of many dog men. Oh how has father time changed some facts about this dog. With so many dogs having this dog in its pedigree we here at Boxdogs thought it would be good to offer a glimpse of how things really were with this dog.

Here are the times and the dogs that Jeep beat:

Jeep defeated Pylant’s Ch. Kato at 43 pounds in :28

Cooper’s Weenie at 43 pounds in :28

Stinson & Stepp’s Black Dog at 42 pounds in 2:05

O.Steven’s Ch. Homer at 43 pounds in 3:45.

Jeep died on Oct of 1989. Jeep was sired by cur. Finley’s Bo. Bo quit vs. Vindicator. In today’s world a dog off a cur would never be bred. But back then stories had a way of changing as information on what happened had to be word of mouth as the internet was not up and running back then. Al Gore had not entered the political arena so the internet was not invented yet. LOL Got to love Gore don’t you. Anyway back to the dogs. Here is the picture of Bo vs. Vindicator. Vindicator was Zebo’s brother and a bad ass dog in his own right. Bo stood the line. Now Jeep’s dame was Honeybunch. Clearly a bad ass and one that produced many great dogs. In a twist of irony the only dog she didn’t produce well with was Zebo. Guess she was pissed for his brother kicking one of her lover’s.

Jeep was known as a dog with no great strengths and no great weakness. During his campaign the super bad ass dog called Chavis Jocko wanted him bad. The owner of Jeep knew this would be a bad idea so he avoided Jocko at all costs. There are two matches I want to share to all about Jeep. First was against Vince Coopers Weenie. Weenie was a tough dog.

During the show he had Jeep on the run and the cur in him started to show at about the 15 min mark. At that point he headed to the wall but Weenie caught him. Then again he went for the wall and again Weenie caught him. At this point James Crenshaw started talking to him and getting him confident. (A great lesson to you dog men out there, most dog men now starts cussing their dog when they do this stuff) Jeep started to respond and then he got the break he needed. Weenie ran hot. This allows Jeep to recover and get his confidence back and gain some control on the match. The match ended and Jeep won but if had not been for Weenie catching him Jeep would have quit. Crenshaw won that show not Jeep.

In Jeeps effort to stay away from Jocko his owners took a match with the best dog I have ever seen go. That being Billy Stepps Grand Champion Angus. Angus was the complete fighting dog. He was so quick other dogs could not get to him and he punished you while on defense. When he went to offense he upped it to killing you. Why Crenshaw would be willing to go into Angus and not Jocko amazed me at the time. I had saved up everything I had to bet on Angus. Then the news broke. Angus had gotten into a kennel accident with Ch Ruby and would not go against Jeep. Rather then lose the forfeit they borrowed Ch Homer from O. Stevens. In my mind Jeep had lucked out BIG TIME. Homer did not get a full keep in him but still the show was on. Homer was never much of a hard mouthed dog. He was known as a game dog. Clearly tailored made for Jeep. In this show Jeep showed more mouth then he ever had. Which is common for a dog when they go into a weak mouthed dog? They can bite with all their strengths and not have to worry about getting bit back. Well Jeep busted up Homers shoulder early. But Homer kept coming and everyone there, including Crenshaw, was worried that Jeep would jump the box. He hung in there though as Crenshaw did his great handling job and keep him confident by talking to him. After about the hour mark it was really a slow fight. Both dogs just lay around, doing not much of anything to each other. Finally shock took over and Homer went down hill quick. At the end Homer looked finished, not from the damage of Jeep, from the shock. The show was over. On the courtesy scratch Homer somehow came. He stumbled and showed the world to be a dead game dog. In reality the dog died from shock. Jeep’s had damage on his lip and gums but that was about it. Crenshaw, who by the way has to be the best dogman for getting the most out of his dogs, had a vet standing by and they took Jeep quickly to him. He made it and was wisely retired. No need to go find Angus or Jocko.

In Jeeps litter he had three Champion littermates. The best of whch was Ch Holly. She won 4. Ch Charlie was considered more talented then Jeep but quit going for #4. Ch Missy quit going for #3, but the show was kept quiet and she was sold. She won #3 and was awarded a Champion Certificate.

Jeep produced a number of great dogs. Changs Floyd was a superb 2x winner. He defeated Bobby Halls Ch Black Carlos. Carlos was considered unbeatable and Floyd showed it all and won. Whites Tab also produced well, even though he was never shown.

We do not intend to take away from Jeep or his accomplishments. Father time has a way of changing stories to make them seem better. At Boxdogs we will bring you the truth on these dogs. Not some hype. Facts so you know what you got in your pedigree.

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