Real History of a Living Legend, Floyd Boudreaux

Floyd Boudreaux' ace new dog "Blind Billy" wasnt alway's blind, he would simply lose his sight when he got hot. In his second match he lost his sight when he became overheated. OJ Thibdeaux' and his black & white

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Infamous Floyd Bodreaux Bust

New Orleans, LA -- It was one of the biggest police raids in the history of Lafayette Parish, maybe in all of Acadiana. The caravan of vehicles creeping down Louisiana 89 on March 11 included a SWAT team, the

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History on Boudreaux Dogs

Here is some history on Boudreaux dogs if it helps. It was printed in the Canine Preformance Journal & recently re-printed here by Mrs. Mickey: Floyd Boudreaux' ace new dog Blind Billy wasn't always blind. He would lose his sight

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