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Axe Murderer Silva 4W

Wanderlei Silva Axe Murder comes from the breeding of Chainman's Conan, a Garners Tudor Imp a tight Chinaman dog bred to Ch Kendra a Frisco x yellow bitch and the bottom side a hard biting Frisco bitch Cm's Klein Xena, bred top to bottom Garners Frisco.Wanderlei…

Triangle Gang`s GR CH Grip

Triangle Gang’s Grip was bred old man Riley out of Triangle Gang’s Houdini and HOF’s Ch Codie, a double bred Gr Ch Andy Capp daughter of Steve The B.C. Boys’ Gr Ch Snaps. As you may know ,Houdini is a son of Evolution Kennels’ Gr…

Gr Ch Southermen`s FOX 7XW ROM

Bred by D.T. from "GR. CH. POGI" and "TUKTOK", a Nigerino-Red Devil, "GR. CH. FOX" began his "career" as a "pet" bull. Bogie & Jack acquired him and Gurgulio from Dan. They gave Fox to Albert who although a fancier, did not have the time…

Zinetti`s Bloody Mary

In the early Fall of 1997 I bred my CH AZRA R.O.M. to Bijeljina Boys’ CH BELI, who was part of one of the greatest litters ever born here. He was a littermate brother to Bijeljina Boys’ GR CH CRNOOKI 5W, CH BELA 3W, SARENKO 2W and SIVI…

Match & Scratch CH Bullet

Ch. Bullet was bred and raised by BMW Leonel from Mexico. When Bullet was 9mos old he got loose and chased a cat with Leonel right behind him. Well the cat went one way and Bullet hit the brakes to slow down and ripped all four pads off and…

T-Bone`s Club T-Bone

This article is about one of the best producers of South America, I’m writing this little story for the Sporting Dog Journal so that subscribers may know more about dogs from Brazil. In my opinion T-Bone and Macaco ROM were the two best…

Megabyte`s CH Raul

The Southerner once told me, “I will never own one like him ever again”. That was soon after he lost CH. Diamond Dan. It was not until the very same thing happened to me that I fully understood the extend of his words. CH. Raul 4xw lost…

George`s Triple Ott Red

After being away from the dogs for many years, and subsequently talking to a few dog men, I real­ized that there are a lot of guys that are not too familiar with a number of the older Red Boy dogs from the 1980’s. Well back in the early…

Zinetti`s CH Mega

MEGA was born in the yard of Captain in Serbia on 10 July 2000. Her sire was Captain’s KOCHIZ and her dam was Captain’s MEGA, that was 50% of Captain’s CH. THOR R.O.M. breeding and 50% of Red Boy/Jeep blood through some of the best dogs…